Long Island Beach Workout

How to use the beach to workout this summer.

Long Island Beach Workout

Your journey towards a lifetime of good health is something that takes place all year long. Focusing on not only healthy eating but staying physically fit is equally important towards keeping to your goals. With the weather warming up and the sun out longer, sitting in a dark gym may not be the most ideal and favorable way to workout.This is why getting out to the beach and working out there can be fun, safe and effective. There are many different types of workout routines and exercises that can be performed at the beach so that you can still have the intensity and effectiveness as you would in a normal gym.

Working out at the beach will have you use muscles you never thought you had! On top of working out in the gorgeous weather having to stabilize yourself in the sand which will really challenge both of your  cardiovascular and neuromuscular systems. Although you’ll be having so much fun working out underneath the sun, it is important to take the proper precautions like staying well hydrated so that you don’t suffer from any heat illness. There are many types of routines that you can perform while at the beach like a high intensity interval program. This type of program can include bursts of running along with body weight resistance training type movements, as well as plyometric movements that will increase the difficulty because of having to stabilize yourself in the sand. Although all of these movements will be more difficult, the results you will get will be substantially better than had you gone to the gym. As well as all of the workouts you can do on the sand, you can also use the ocean as a warmup or cool down and swim for short spurts to really get some extra cardio work from the resistance of swimming in the waves and current of the ocean.

Working out at the beach is a fun and effective way of getting your exercise in without missing out on the warm weather and the sun. As long as the proper precautions are taken to have a safe workout, then it should be something that everyone should try and incorporate this summer!

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