Medical advantages of Tomatoes are that one of the low-calorie vegetables; hold only 18 calories every 100 g. They are additionally low in any fat substance and have zero cholesterol levels. In any case, they are an amazing wellsprings of cancer prevention agents, dietary fiber, minerals, and vitamins. Because of their inside and out qualities, dieticians and nutritionists regularly prescribe them in cholesterol controlling and weight decrease eating regimen programs.

Lycopene, a flavonoid cancer prevention agent, is an exceptional phytochemical present in the tomatoes. Red mixtures are particularly moved in this cell reinforcement. Together with carotenoids, lycopene may help ensure cells and different structures in the human body from hurtful without oxygen radicals. Studies have demonstrated that lycopene secures the skin from ultra-violet (UV) beams and along these lines offers some barrier against skin disease.

Zea-xanthin is an alternate flavonoid compound present bounteously in this vegetable. Zea-xanthin helps secure eyes from “age-related macular related macular ailment” (ARMD) in the elderly persons by separating unsafe ultra-violet beams. The tomatoe contains great levels of vitamin A, and flavonoid hostile to oxidants, for example, α and ß-carotenes, xanthins and lutein. Inside and out, these color mixes are found to have cell reinforcement properties and tune in vision, keep up sound bodily fluid films and skin, and bone well being. Utilization of characteristic vegetables and foods grown from the ground rich in flavonoids is known to help secure from lung and oral cavity tumors.

How can Tomatoes help prevent cancer?

Moreover tomatoes are likewise great wellspring of cancer prevention agent vitamin-C (give 21% of suggested day by day levels every 100 g); utilization of nourishment and  rich in vitamin C helps the body create safety against irresistible operators and rummage unsafe free radicals. Crisp tomato is extremely rich in potassium. 100 g contain 237 mg of potassium and only 5 mg of sodium. Potassium is a critical part of cell and body liquids that helps controlling heart rate and circulatory strain brought about by sodium. Further, they convey normal levels of indispensable B-complex vitamins, for example, folates, thiamin, niacin, riboflavin also some vital minerals like iron, calcium, manganese and other follow components.

How can Tomatoes promote weight loss?

On the off chance that you are attempting to shed pounds, your eating regimen is basic to your prosperity. All in all, dodge sustenances that are high in soaked fat and basic sugars. Despite the fact that they have sugar, tomatoes are not awful for weight reduction. In the event that you consume tomatoes or are pondering adding them to your weight reduction diet, you ought to know how to consolidate them into your dinner arrangements and how weight reduction functions. Tomatoes are also Low in Calories.

Adding tomatoes to your eating methodology can help you attain to your weight reduction objectives. The Communities for Infection Control and Aversion suggests tomatoes for weight reduction and weight administration. Tomatoes are low in calories; a medium-size tomato is only 22 calories and an extensive tomato is 33 calories. Indeed a whole measure of cherry tomatoes is only 27 calories.