Green Tea

Green Tea


Green tea (Camellia sinesiss) is one of the oldest beverages in the world. Originating from different parts of Asia, it has now spread across many parts of the world and has become the second most popular beverage to drink. Unlike other teas, green tea is processed from unfermented leaves, which help the tea leaves maintain the full amount of antioxidants. (UMMC, 2011)


The high measures of polyphenols ( a kind of cell reinforcement that contains catechis) found in green tea is one of the reasons why green tea has been ended up being so helpful. Polyphenols help battle against free radicals. Free radicals are extremely risky particles on the grounds that they have an unpaired electron, which makes the particle all in all exceptionally receptive. Researchers foresee that these radicals are conceivable benefactors to growth. (UMMC, 2011).

Green tea has been connected to disease counteractive action. The polyphenols, alongside different cancer prevention agents (catechis) of the tea leaves have been demonstrated to connect with the tumor cells and detoxify them, bringing about cell demise. The tea can likewise avoid further vein development by cutting off the blood supply, which additionally brings about the disease cell kicking the bucket. (American Tumor Society, 2011) It is additionally exceptionally valuable in disease anticipation. A late study, demonstrated that by drinking 10 little measures of green tea one can diminish “tumor onset” by 7 years. (Fujiki, 2012).

The high measures of L-theanine in green tea have likewise helped decreasing anxiety. Theanine is an amino corrosive that has been accounted for to “sedate” the mind and help empower alpha waves. Alpha waves are a sort of mind wave that are regularly delivered amid times of unwinding. Theanine has additionally been demonstrated to reduction coritsol levels. (Basu, 2007).

Green Tea Side Effects:

Since green tea contains larger amounts of caffeine, a few dangers in the utilization of it incorporate higher circulatory strain, heart palpitations, and a sleeping disorder. (UMMC, 2011) Pregnant ladies are instructed to utmost their admission regarding green tea on the grounds that the stimulant may be passed on to the breast milk and along these lines cause the infant to have minor well being issues. (Lavalle,2001).